1/32 Kitty Hawk T-28D Trojan

Gallery Article by naioh2 FC Saran S. on July 5 2021



There are some photos of my RTAF (Royal Thai Air Force) T-28D Trojan 1/32 scale from Kitty Hawk. Thai was received T-28D from US since Vietnam War. The series that Royal Thai Air Force received were T-28D (USAF) , T-28D-5 (USAF) ,T-28D-10 (USN). This one was T-28D-10 from USN (T-28 with Faired Gunpod , 3 Ordnance Pylon , USN serial and airframe).

 This aircraft was serial no # 0-37711 she was stationed in  231 Sqn. Wing 23 - Udon Thani with id # 23105 . After withdrawn from service in 1984 she was displayed at Wing 71 - Surat Thani entrance. In 1991 she was restored and stationed in Tango Sqn. Wing 41 - Chiang Mai.

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This model was out of box with little detail up in the cockpit. I think Kitty Hawk made the great kit , the kit detail was good there was RTAF decal in the box but still needed small correction in cockpit detail to convert to Thai model. The kit was include 2 in-box weights but it was not enough to prevented tail-sitter (I knew it when the kit was completed @_@ ) then I needed to add around 20g in nose wheel bay to made nose down. And for the weight increase I attached small iron bar to the nose gear to prevented damage.

I chose to armed with .50 caliber Under Wing Gondola x2 , Mk.82 500 lb Bomb x2 , 100 lb Napalm Bomb x2 , LAU-3 Rocket Pod x2 .

I was build this T-28D for my dad , that he used to fly this aircraft since he was in 231 Sqn. before he was changed his aircraft type to F-5A/B (but he still came to fly T-28D for Tango Sqn.)

I do hope that you will enjoy with the kit. Thanks.

naioh2 FC Saran S.

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Photos and text by naioh2 FC Saran S.