1/350 Trumpeter HMCS Iroquois

Gallery Article by Shawn "phantom" Weiler on July 1 2021

Canada  Day



I built this ship for my father who served on HMCS Iroquois back in the very early 60s. Iroquois of course being the wartime vessel very lightly modified to serve into the 60s. Not the Iroquois class of destroyers which were retired around 10 years ago.

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This was one of the many Tribal class destroyers built for the Royal, RoyalAustralian and Royal Canadian Navies. 27 vessels were constructed during and after the second world war.  The only remaining vessel is HMCS Haida which is permanently docked in Hamilton harbour in wartime markings.

The kit is a very lightly modified HMCS Huron from Trumpeter. Nice kit, has nice railings and ladders in photo etch. Wish it came with the railings that would have been around the main deck, not just the superstructures. Really all that I changed is the paint scheme and little maple leaf on the funnel.  I am not even sure the maple leaf should not be green. But I can not paint THAT small. There are lots of photos of Iroquois on the net but I could not find any in colour. I also included a same scale USS Enterprise to show these destroyers were not huge. Then a close to same scale USS Iroquois I built for myself a couple years ago.


Photos and text by Shawn "phantom" Weiler