1/537 (18 inch) USS Dominion, NCC-2115 Dreadnaught class

Gallery Article by Shawn "phantom" Weiler on July 13 2021



You ever hear of a show called Star Trek? Good show, been on the air for a little while now. Like 55 years. This model is found in the 1970s Star fleet technical manual. Essentially its a Dreadnaught class. Take the Enterprise kit from the 1960s. and butcher it I used the 50th anniversary edition. Most sources just call this the 18 inch kit. I think the scale is a round 1/537.This time, unlike my other mods I bought some after market. G-cals decals and resin. On the other two I only used kit parts on the Huron and two pop cans on the Iroquois. Mind you all three kits have after market clear red buzzard collectors and lights. You need lights on these ships otherwise, they just look wrong.

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You need one extra warp engine, left over from my USS Huron build. Then the 6 resin parts which enlarge the secondary hull. Adding a shuttle bay to the bow as opposed to the stern. Then a large chopping off the Enterprise bottom and the attachment of a stern. Then a dish pointing aft. Much bigger pylons for the warp engines. I sliced up the one engine as I liked the idea of all the engine intakes pointing inward. The manual has the top engine with port sided grills. Thought that looked sloppy.. I took off the pylon, sealed the hole. Sliced off the stern of the engine and re-adjusted the exit grills so they would be at the same alignment as the other two warp engines.

Drilled a bunch of holes and added 10 LEDs.So the ship now has 4 blinkers and 6 steady nav lights. Coming out of 14 points on the ship. Then simply hooked up a 9 volt battery source under the display base. As this ship is newer then Enterprise I used a couple refit decals to add more phaser banks and thrusters on the primary hull. I am keeping my modified ships with nice Canadian names. I think the next one might be an TOS version of the Reliant.


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Photos and text by Shawn "phantom" Weiler