1/72 Italeri F-100D and F-100F

Gallery Article by Patrick Vossenberg on July 15 2021



Here is my take at two Vietnam Huns using the Italeri kits. Pretty straightforward builds with a bit of Eduard PE in the cockpits. As both kits only come with a closed canopy, I cut off the respective windscreens and built the canopy actuators from scratch.

On the F-100F, I added the appropriate antennae under the nose/belly and on the tail fin, while drilling out the cooling intake on the tail, to portray one of the early Wild Weasels. I added a Shrike missile (which was typically carried on the port in-board position) and rocket launchers from the spares box (I believe from Italeri's A-10).

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The F-100D is armed with Hasegawa Mk.82s and M-117s from the kit (with some leftover fuse extenders). I also used a Taurus vacform canopy on this one, to correct the wrong Italeri canopy.

Decals are from a Caracal sheet, with markings for:

  • F-100D no. 55-2932 “Nashville Sound”, 90TFS 3TFW, Bien Hoa AB (Vietnam), ca. 1968

  • F-100F no. 58-1226, 614TFS 35TFW, Korat RTAFB (Thailand), December 1965

For the fun of it, I used two different sets of paint: the F-100D is finished in Gunze paints, for the F-100F I used Vallejo's colours for the first time.
Enjoy the pics!

Credits background picture: designed by Freepik, photo by jannoon028: https://www.freepik.com/free-photo/clouds-sunset-mountains_986559.htm

Patrick Vossenberg

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