1/48 Hasegawa Sea King

Gallery Article by Michael Jack on July 15 2021



Sea King Royal Australian Navy MK.50 Shark 02 of 817 Squadron (Commission Build) 
Model: Westland Sea King MK.50, Kit: SH-3H 07201. 

Paints: I used Tamiya rattle can TS-26 to paint. 

Main rotor: The five blades on the main rotor head consist of the earlier style. So I needed to add Evergreen Plastic to make the newer lighter style blades. 

Tail rotor: Also the five bladed tail rotor, needed a sixth blade added for the Westland (Australian) version. With Prop Blur also added, like allot of my builds.

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Resin parts: The resin parts I used, are moulded from my other kits. Which are the radar dome behind main rotor head, the Shorter tail boom along with Sonar opening cover; along with the wheel sponsons and lastly the small bubble on the port side engine cover. 

Photo etch: There are a few included Photo etched items in this kit, being the two small covers on the stbd side of the nose and two vents on the nose, again two on the top tail. 

Scratch built: The Antennas cables had been made from stretched sprue. I opened the rear cargo access door, utilising the brass step provided to me by customer. Some internal details I added with Evergreen plastic, including an aircrew terminal and seat from spares box. 

Decals: These again had been supplied by customer (low-vis decals from Hawkeye). Very fine detail these are and allot of them too apply. You will need to cut close to eliminate clear film.

Weathering: I used a led pencil to enhance the panel lines and exhaust build up with dry brushing burnt iron. 

Build: It was a very nice and quick build. I did make sure plenty of planning went into it, as this was my 3rd Shark 02 build, I had found allot of references pictures, as I always do. 

Figures: I used the PJ Production, Royal Navy Lynx Crew set. Base: Just a plank of wood, with a glued on tarmac print from ebay, then added some fake grass. 

Real aircraft: This SeaKing was from 817 Sqn at HMAS Albatross. Unfortunately she crashed in Nias April 2005. Which claimed the lives of nine Australian Defence Force personnel.

Long live the King

Michael Jack

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Photos and text by Michael Jack