1/48 Revell B-29 Project Tip-Tow (1950)

Gallery Article by Ulysses Almeida on July 21 2021



This project took some time to finish mostly because I decided to use aluminium foil instead of paint to cover the B-29. I also made windows on the side so the interior can be viewed.  The paints are Revell oils. The escort jets are painted with Revell paints and the serial numbers and registration were printed on a decal sheet. 

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A bit of history: 
Prior to developing inflight refueling for fighter aircraft, the U.S. Airforce experimented with projects to extend the range of the early jets in order to give fighter protection to the piston engined bombers.

The idea was to provide the capability of having a fighter attaching/detaching from a bomber during flight via wingtip connections. One of the several programs was MX106 done with a B-29 mother ship and two F-84D and was code named "Tip-Tow".

Ulysses Almeida

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Photos and text by Ulysses Almeida