1/48 Academy Beech A35 Bonanza

Gallery Article by Tadeu Pinto Mendes on Sept 20 2021



Brief history:
The single-engine Bonanza was one of the first private aircraft in the world. It had the innovation of having in its design a V tail, which was an experiment still carried out among the Germans in World War II to reduce drag. The plane tested had been a version of the Bf 109G, designated this modified as the Bf 109G-0. The V-tail Bonanza made its first flight on 11/22/1945 and would be launched in 1947 and soon began to arouse interest among private pilots in the US and the rest of the world. Designated as Type 35, they had the first painting, all in natural aluminum with blue or red ornaments. In Brazil, the V-tail Bonanza was accepted not only in the civil area but also in the military with the Brazilian Air Force. There were 5 planes acquired in 1950 and used in connection until 1960. They had the designations of C-35 and UC-35 with registrations that ranged from 2857 to 61.

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This is a good model from the South Korean Minicraft that came to be made as a V35A. I made the necessary changes to make it like A35, covering the third window that was then missing in this version. It was necessary to add weight to the nose so that the model was level when ready.

In painting, I chose to do the work of the Brazilian Air Force, which I used in the civil painting that was manufactured. It was then all aluminum with blue trim strips. As well as rudder empennage tips, hood back, spinner, flaps and ailerons. The FAB just added their insignia on the wings and had the rudders painted in green and yellow. So I did it with the registration number 2857.

Tadeu Pinto Mendes

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Photos and text by Tadeu Pinto Mendes