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1/48 FAC & BS Bomber Oscar Deuces decal sheet

USAF/VNAF O-2A/O-2B Skymasters in the Vietnam War

Product # 48-017 

Product Article by Steve Bamford on July 21 2021



This 1/48 decal sheet from AOA Decals includes marking options for O-2 Skymasters in the Vietnam War primarily operated by the United State Air Force (USAF) in the Forward Air Controller (FAC) role.  The O-2B, the psychological warfare variant, also served in the war utilizing its leaflet dispenser and loudspeaker, earning the nickname of "bullshit bomber".  The South Vietnam Air Force (VNAF) also operated a small number of O-2A Skymasters later in the war.

14 Marking Options Included:

  • USAF - ten O-2A options (overall grey and overall black) and three O-2B options (camouflaged) [Please note: as of the date of this decal release, there is no O-2B kit or conversion available.]

  • VNAF - one O-2A option (110th Observation Squadron)

Airframe data/stencil sets provided for TWO aircraft (variations of certain markings also provided).  Stencils are based on original 1970 Cessna/USAF drawings and contemporary photographs during the Vietnam War period and are applicable to the early original small pilot's side window version depicted in the kit.

Bonus markings of the large white THE FAC wing marking for overall black aircraft are also provided; however, the three overall black options on this decal release did not have this marking.  This wing marking was possibly used by 21st TASS, whose Skymasters otherwise were overall black with very minimal red markings.  Unfortunately during the research for this sheet, no serial numbers were confirmed for one of these aircraft marked with THE FAC wing marking.

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Steve Bamford

Photos and text by Steve Bamford